Humanitarian device

Epicel (cultured epidermal autografts) is authorized for use in adult and pediatric patients who have deep dermal or full thickness burns comprising a total body surface area greater than or equal to 30%. It may be used in conjunction with split-thickness autografts, or alone in patients for whom split-thickness autografts may not be an option due to the severity and extent of their burns. The effectiveness of the device for this use has not been demonstrated.

Important Safety Information

Epicel is contraindicated in patients with a history of anaphylaxis following exposure to vancomycin, amikacin, and amphotericin, as trace quantities of these anti-infective agents may remain in the Epicel autograft. Epicel should not be used in patients with known sensitivities to materials of bovine or murine origin. It is contraindicated for use on clinically infected wounds.

Epicel graft

Reimbursement support

Due to the complexity of some burn cases, coding for Epicel treatment can often require extra attention. The reimbursement guides provided below and the support of reimbursement specialists can assist with documentation and coding for Epicel.

Epicel Access

Specialists are available to answer questions about the reimbursement of Epicel and the CEA procedure

Reimbursement Support

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CEA Coding Assistance

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Reimbursement and coding guidelines

Epicel Reimbursement Resources

Navigating the steps of Epicel reimbursement

Please note: This is not intended to be a directive, nor is it a suggestion about the likelihood of obtaining reimbursement. This list is not all inclusive, and physician and staff may deem other codes more appropriate. Providers should select coding options that most accurately reflect a patient's condition, the provider's system guidelines, payor requirements and services rendered.

Specialists are available to answer reimbursement questions about Epicel and the CEA procedure.

Epicel is widely reimbursed and included on a majority of national insurance plans.
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