Epicel graft

Reimbursement support

Due to the complexity of some burn cases, coding for Epicel treatment can often require extra attention. The reimbursement guides provided below and the support hotline at 1-800-CEA-SKIN (1-800-232-7546) can help ensure Epicel is both documented and coded correctly.

Epicel Total Care

Our reimbursement support hotline is staffed with experts to answer questions about the reimbursement of Epicel and the CEA procedure

Reimbursement Support

We'll help your clinical and finance teams provide guidance on reimbursement

CEA Coding Assistance

We can share coding groups to help you understand which procedures associated with Epicel are eligible for reimbursement


We are available to answer any questions you have in order to help you smoothly navigate Epicel coverage

Reimbursement and coding guidelines

Epicel CPT Coding Guide

Epicel ICD-10 Coding Guide

Navigating the steps of Epicel reimbursement

Please note: This is not intended to be a directive, nor is it a suggestion about the likelihood of obtaining reimbursement. This list is not all inclusive, and physician and staff may deem other codes more appropriate. Providers should select coding options that most accurately reflect a patient's condition, the provider's system guidelines, payor requirements and services rendered.

Call the Epicel reimbursement support hotline to speak with our reimbursement experts

Epicel is widely reimbursed and included on a majority of national insurance plans.
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