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See how Pete Dern,
a firefighter treated with Epicel
is rebuilding his life

What is Epicel?

Epicel is a type of graft made from a patient's own skin. It is also called "Cultured Epidermal Autograft" or "CEA." These grafts provide a permanent skin replacement for patients with deep dermal or full thickness burns. Epicel is the only treatment of this type approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in the United States.

Epicel grafts are made by growing a patient's own skin cells in an incubator. The finished grafts will be used by surgeons to replace the outer layer of damaged skin. Thousands of burn patients have been treated successfully using this technique.

Patients with severe burns have unique support needs. Below are some resources for burn patients and their caregivers.

Epicel culture

Epicel (Cultured Epidermal Autograft) is a permanent skin replacement for patients with deep dermal or full thickness burns

Support for Burn Victims and Their Families

Below are some resources that may be useful to those recovering from burn injuries and their caregivers. Vericel, the maker of Epicel, does not manage or take responsibility for any of the information provided in the following links.

Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors

The leading national nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering anyone affected by a burn injury

American Burn Association

Dedicated to promoting and supporting burn-related research, education, care, rehabilitation, and prevention

International Society for Burn Injuries

Disseminating knowledge and advocating prevention in the field of burns worldwide

Model System Knowledge Translation Center

Evidence-based resources for people living with burn injuries and their supporters

For questions or support related to Epicel, contact a Vericel Customer Care representative

If you have received Epicel, you should never donate blood or blood parts, tissue, breast milk, egg, sperm, or other body parts for use in humans. Although Epicel is composed of cells derived from your skin, it is grown together with animal cells, and therefore donation is not recommended. For additional information, please contact your healthcare provider.